Micromobility - A Small Idea Seeking Big Change

What is micromobility? For those hip to transportation trends, the word has appeared out of nowhere in the last year to define a new industry that includes lightweight electric vehicles such as scooters, bikes, skateboards and other devices.

“Micromobility is a big word for a small idea.” Small, as in small machines, that is — declared Horace Dediu in his Micromobility Manifestoone of many articles he has written in his effort to shape an industry around the emerging sector of lightweight electric vehicles. Horace coined the term “micromobility” and went on to define it as personal mobility enabled by vehicles (a) weighing 500 kg (~1100 lbs) or less, (b) having a motor, and (c) being used for utility transport. Let’s take a look at the industry and what it might accomplish.

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