Australia’s iMOVE consortium launching MaaS trial in Sydney

The Australian iMOVE Cooperative Research Center (CRC) consortium is launching its second Mobility as a Service (MaaS) project with a trial of an app-based multimodal transportation ecosystem in Sydney.

The aim of the iMOVE project is to advance the understanding of the role that MaaS can play in improving the travelers’ experience of using multiple complementary transport services in terms of cost, travel time, convenience, health benefits, and perceived safety. The MaaS research will also contribute to improvements in broader community benefits, such as better air quality, reduced congestion, and greenhouse gas emission savings, by providing a convenient alternative to owning and using private vehicles. The participants in the iMOVE-led project are: IAG (Insurance Australia Group); the University of Sydney’s Institute for Transport and Logistics Studies; and smart mobility app developers, SkedGo.

The trial will be situated in the Sydney region, which has an appropriate setting for several reasons: an extensive public transport system; many private transport services providers are currently operating there; and the setting, which enables the creation of comprehensive multimodal MaaS bundles.

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