The people behind Cal-ITP.


Steering Committee

The Cal-ITP Steering Committee comprises members who provide the project with oversight and formal direction. The Steering Committee will seek the best path towards maintaining creative and collaborative partnerships with governmental stakeholders, as well as with a variety of private and non-profit entities in the mobility ecosystem.


Chad Edison

Kyle Gradinger

Gillian Gillet
SF Public Works, Caltrain Board

Jim Allison

Josh Shaw
California Transit Association

Additional members will be added as the project progresses.


Management Team

The Project Management team provides personnel for day-to-day financial, contractual, legal and technical analysis and management. The team is supported by industry-leading consultants specializing in pertinent fields such as electronic payments, trip planning, open data and standards, enterprise-scale back office systems, and marketing and communications.


Xentrans, Inc.

Project Management

Supported by:

Clevor Consulting Group

Data Perspectives

Jacobs Engineering

Method City Planning LLC

Trillium Solutions